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I decided to start posting about artists that have been very important influences to me and Project Divinity. First artist is Biosphere aka Geir Jenssen from Norway. Biosphere has published many albums throughout the years, but most important album to me is Substrata.

Substrata is one of those albums that is hard to describe with words. It is intricate and deep, in a myriad of ways that defy definitions. Geir Jenssen is a norweigian master of ambient music and father of Biosphere. The sound of Biosphere feel like reminiscent trails of fjords recalled in the emptiness of cosmos. It is at the same time warm and cold, arctic and cozy. It sends you into deep slumber, but there is lot of activity in that slowly moving silence. Hints and guesses that point at various directions and possibilities.

Biosphere combines classical ambient elements with sampled pieces from film dialogue. Musically the pieces are surprisingly complex and multilayered, even if they do not sound that way in the beginning. Good example would be polyrhythmical sequences that are created by slow soundmasses. The listener may very well be oblivious to the difficult musical patterns playing around him as he is sent on a inner journey towards the self.

Substrata is very much like a awakening dream, that leaves you bewildered and craving for one more minute of that lovely vision, so unreal and beautiful.

Triosphere is my personal tribute to Biosphere:

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~ by Michikawa on August 7, 2009.

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